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Seminars and Workshops

Our seminar season offers an opportunity to meet with internationally reknown artists and researchers working at the crossings between technology, art and design. These seminars are an important part of the learning experience for our students in:
BSc in Creative Media & Interaction Design
MA/MSc Art & Technology
MA/MSc Interactive Media

Robert Curvengen

Air & Physical Sound
Wednesday Nov 27th 2019 @ 14.00-15.30 room CSG-001 [more]

Miller Puckette & Kerry Hagan

the Higgs whatever
Wednesday Oct 30th 2019 @ 14.00-15.30 room CSG-001 [more]

Katie Berns

Food Sharing Practices - the case of Food Sharing Copenhagen
Tuesday Oct 29th 2019 @ 15.00-16.00 room CSG-027 [more]


Jurgen Simpson
Wednesday Oct 23th 2019 @ 14.00-15.30 room CSG-001 [more]

Bodhi Media Linux - UPGRADE

free OS distro for artists by Giuseppe Torre
Wednesday Oct 16th 2019 @ 15.00-16.30 room CSG-001 [more]


Theremin - An Electronic Odyssey (1993) - Director: Stephen M. Martin (Discussion/Moderator: Jurgen Simpson)
Wednesday Sept 25th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01

Selina Laverty

Wednesday Apr 3rd 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01

Charles Holbrow

Cybernetics and the Future of Connected Music Technology - [Opera of the Future group with Professor Tod Machover at MIT Media Lab]
Monday Mar 25th 2019 @ 11pm room CS2-046

Slavek Kwi

Artificial Memory Trace
Wednesday Mar 13th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Maxence Larrieu

Code and/as score
Wednesday Mar 7th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Lauren Goshinski

Wednesday Feb 20th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Patti Cudd

Drum, Electronic, Score
Wednesday Feb 13th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Emilie Gilles

Participatory Making Using e-Textiles (see "More" for details on Workshop on the 22nd)
Wednesday Jan 23rd 2019 @ 12.30 room CS20461 [more]

Gibson / Martelli

Art, game engine, VR, self (3-day workshop)
Nov 12th-14th 2018 @ TBC

Marius Watz

Co-discovering with Machines: Computation as creative method
Wednesday Oct 17rd 2018 @ 14.00-15.00 room CSG-01 [more]

Grainne Carroll

Event/Live/Scripted TV producer
Wednesday Oct 10th 2018 @ 15.00-16.30 room CSG-01 [more]

Bodhi Media Linux

free OS distro for artists by Giuseppe Torre
Wednesday Oct 3rd 2018 @ 15.00-16.00 room CS3-005a [more]

Ed Devane

Soniphorm.com - DIY digital tools for artists
Wednesday Sept 26th 2018 @ 15.00-16.30 room CSG-01 [more]

Nicolas Sassoon

Tuesday Sept 18th 2018 @ 1pm to 2pm in room CS2-046
Presented in association with the French Embassy in Ireland and Glitch Festival at Rua Red, Dublin. [more]

vvvv Workshop

Aleksandra Jovanic
Sept 11th-12th 2018 @ 2pm room CS3-004b [more]

Aleksandra Jovanic

Univeristy of Arts in Belgrade
Wednesday Sept 13th 2018 @ 2pm room CSG-13 [more]

Goran Peuc

SAP Principal UX Designer
Tuesday Mar 20th 2018 @ 11-12.30pm room CSG-01

Ben James

Jotta Studio London
Thursday Mar 10th 2018 @ 11-11.50pm room CSG-01

Alex McLean a.k.a YAXU

Live Coding Workshop
March 12th-13th 2018 - starts at 9.15 room CSG-01

Niall Byrne a.k.a Nialler

Music Curator, Dj
Monday Feb 26th 2018 @ 16.30-17.30 room T3101

Documentary: Lo and Behold

Moderators: Cristiano Stori Giuseppe Torre
Wednesday Feb 28th 2018 @ 14.00-16.00 room CSG-01

Becky Stewart

e-Textile, history and technology
Wednesday Jan 26th 2018 @ 14.00-16.00 room CSG-01

Gash Collective

On female identifying producers and DJs in Ireland
Wednesday Feb 14th 2018 @ 3-4.30pm room CSG-0

Neil O'Connor

Whats the Score – Film and Improvisational Electronics
Wednesday Nov 15th 2017 @ 3-4.30pm room CSG-0

Nick Collins

Machine listening and learning for musical systems
Wednesday Feb 29th 2012, 2012 @ 3.00pm room CSG-0

Keith Rowe

Godfathers of improvisation and founding member of AMM
Thursday Mar 30th 2006 @ 3-4.30pm room CSG-0

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